"Accomplish great results in a safe working environment"


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Accomplish great results in a safe working environment.


We support our clients in the realization of the strategy and the labour and process safety that goes along with it. That may mean addressing a known “issue” or finding that hidden extra potential at the boundary of manufacturing, safety and sustainability. We are convinced that a safe operation and an efficient operation do reinforce one another. We are specialized in the improvement of the company performance by combining the expertise in Manufacturing, Supply Chain en HSE (Health, Safety en Environment). All our consultants or interim professionals are trained, educated and have experience with safety management in leading companies.


Robert-Jan Bannink

Robert-Jan Bannink


With an experience of 20 years in several multinationals in senior Manufacturing and HSE positions (Process Industry and Food), I am eager to share my experience and potentials, aiming at discovering new possibilities in your business.

Robert-Jan Bannink – Biography.

Every company tries to find its own balance between the demands of all stakeholders. I am fascinated by how these balances are often realized. Too often, conflicting goals exist and the balance is the result of political forces rather than the result of explicit discussions and decisions. I am convinced that a more integral approach of running your business will result in tremendous benefits. Benefits that are in the interest of all stakeholders or at least not at the expense of some of them. Making the potential visible and providing tools for tackling the losses together with empowerment of employees will re-awaken your entire organization, bring back enthusiasm and the curiosity to question.

Translation of Strategy into tangible activities, Organizational analyses & development and Change Management in the operational field are the leading themes I like to work on. I focus on the process because that is what will lead to a good result. The final, desired results are my measure of success and I use progress in achieving them to guide the process. I have a direct communication style and like to raise questions that make people think. From this, awareness of the opportunities will come and journey can start. I hope I can support you on your journey as well!.

"To provide your employees a safe working environment is a ‘license to operate’ "


Work for us

Work for Navigator Consult.

Navigator Consult is always looking for experienced professionals in roles such as:

  • Continuous improvement (TPM, Lean, etc)
  • Process Safety
  • Safety management
  • Environment and energy
  • Quality management
  • Maintenance management
  • Plant & operational management

We are looking for people who consciously decide to work on temporary assignments either on an interim basis or as an employee. If you recognize yourself in this profile, we invite you to send your resumé/CV so we can consider the possibilities. Your response is highly appreciated!

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